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الخميس، 12 أكتوبر 2017

- The return of Islamic glory

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The return of Islamic glory:
Question: Although Allah made the glory of the Islamic nation in Islam, its present condition tells something different, when will the glory of the nation return?
The answer: It will return if we:
- Change conceptions.
- Flourish and develop life.
- Excavate underground and take out its treasures as Allah ordered.
A Muslim country shouldn't be unable to excavate and take out metals in its land especially after satellites recorded all the places of metals and minerals and let foreign companies take out oil and other metals from our home while we are powerless. The ambition of our youths is only to find an opportunity to work for one of these foreign companies, not as an expert - because experts must be foreigners-, wherever he goes, he boasts that he works for that European or American company.
Where are the Islamic companies? They are marginal, O brothers this is a very important topic, we should concentrate and focus upon it. We should do our best to revive this Islamic spirit and life of faith so that the aspects of life we see now among us and in our societies may be changed.
We are now suffering from strong blockade by a stubborn enemy with no mercy in his heart. You see that by your eyes, did they have mercy upon a woman or a child in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, in Bosnia, in Iraq now or in any other country? Then, how we let those who have no mercy to judge us! One of them would kill you without hesitation in any way, either by an injection, a tablet or any medicine as long as he knows that you fight him to get back your health and make Muslims youths strong.
This needs awareness from the nation; we should revive alertness in the hearts of Muslims to satisfy Allah and His Messenger (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him).
They are so insolent that they control our destiny even in amusement and sports, in sports we can't do without the foreign coach, the foreign referee and the foreign player, and also in amusement, we only trust foreign innovation, foreign directors and foreign artists, so we missed our identity even in amusement and sports.
Where are we now from the world around us? Are we always dependent upon other nations like this? Who said this?
Our ancestors rushed to be nations' herdsmen instead of being sheep herdsmen, how? By the true applying of the book of Allah and understanding the religion, not only by apparent acts of worship and leaving the important, essential and incorporeal matters.
This is my recommendation to every faithful Muslim nowadays.
We beg Allah to reform our conditions, to promote our Muslim brothers, to upgrade the crooks of this nation by us and to reform its twist everywhere and at all times, amen.

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