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الأحد، 5 فبراير 2017

- What is the definition of soul in Islam?

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The soul is the hidden power that operates and directs the body and causes it to move and walk in this life.
In other words, the human soul Allah created in man is the controlling essence on bodily divine powers that drives man in this life; it controls the nourishing power, the respiratory system, the circulation of blood and all working powers in man.
So you see yourself doing things and you can't control it, unless Allah wills that, e.g. you eat but can you drive your digestive system to digest food as and when you like?
Never, because the system that controls receives orders from Allah not from you, you only have and enter the food and you could only do that when Allah facilitates the joints and makes them work and give your mouth, after that, who operates digestion? It is the soul; it is the soul that requires and makes you feel hungry or satiated, where is the place of hunger and satiation? How can you feel hungry or satiated?
They are strange matters and wonders man can't realize, but the system controlling all this is the soul, it operates this being by the will of The most Gracious, as Allah says:
"And a soul and Him Who perfected it. And 
inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it." (Surat Ash'shams, verses 7, 8)
You sleep, for instance, but your body organs don’t, who digest food while you are asleep? Who receives and sends breaths while you are asleep? Who moves the heart and its beats while you are asleep? What makes the body feels all over its parts if any creature touches it even if it is an insect, so it moves at once to stop this creature?
It is the soul that controls all this; it controls the nourishing power, the beastly power, the power of desires, the power of anger and the predatory power, so look at yourself when you eat; do you eat what your eyes admire, what your tongue tastes or what your soul likes first?
Who likes the food? It is the soul. Who look at people and likes this or hates that, is it the eye? No, the eye is only a window through which the soul looks, the ear is a window through which the soul listens and the tongue is a window through which the soul expresses its hidden feelings.
Imam Abul-Aza'em said:
"The body is only tools for it to show and senses are its post that harmed it."
The whole body is its tools, so it will testify against it. Can the doer be a wetness? The doer is the criminal that receives judgment but the organs will be witnesses because they are only tools and the doer and the one who gives orders is really the soul, as Allah says:
"On the day when their tongues and their hands and their feet shall bear witness against them as to what they did." (Surat An'noor, verse 24)
He also says:
"And they shall say to their skins: Why have you borne witness against us? They shall say: Allah Who makes everything speak has made us speak." (Surat Fos'selat, verse 21)
So, the organs are only tools and the commander is the soul. The soul is all the powers that move what in man as a being, but where are its shape, its figure and its fact? This is only known by 

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