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الأحد، 22 يناير 2017


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Who is the righteous man, O brothers? He is someone who:
• Protects and supports Muslims and be their brother for Allah's sake.
• Doesn't seek interest or benefit from them, but he does and wants rewards only from Allah.
• Also his Muslim brother rewards the good deed by a good deed for Allah's sake; both of them seek favor from Allah.
The prophet (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) explained this method in details, he said:
"Whoever loves (someone) for Allah's sake, hates for Allah's sake, gives for Allah's sake and prohibits for Allah's sake, he is a perfect believer." 1
So all his deeds should be for Allah's sake, if he goes to visit a patient, he should do this for Allah not to make the other visit him if he is ill, and if he doesn't do, he gets angry with him and says: I visited you when you were ill, why didn't you come to me when I'm ill? If he helped him and gave him ten pounds for example, he says to him: Where are the ten pounds you owe me? You should give it for Allah's sake, because you should help a needy patient, when the messenger of Allah visited a patient who wants certain types of food, he asked him what he wanted and got it for him. This is what really happened, but people have changed acts of worship into habits. If you see that a patient is needy and you want to help him, you should give him some money, this is the perfect way.
I shouldn't write a list of what I gave to patients, Allah said in the divine Hadith:
"I'm the most who can do without partners, whoever does anything for me and for others, I won't accept it and it is for others." 2
If you do something like this, then don't wait for grants from Allah. The deed should be for Allah's sake, of course the other person should reward you back better if he could, because Allah says:
"When you are greeted with a greeting, greet in return with what is better than it or (at least) return it equally." 4-86
A believer should train himself so that all his movements, stillness, sayings and deeds are for Allah and never wants rewards or thanks except from Allah.
1- By Abi-Omamah, narrated by At'tabarany in Al-Awsat.
2- Sonan Ibn-Majah by Abi-Horayrah that the messenger of Allah said: Allah said:…

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